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The Seven Point Star

This is the symbol of our order. With each point representing one of the seven guiding virtues of the Druids.

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Thoughts from the Grand Arch Druidess

Tracy Stephens
Grand Arch Druidess 2022 - 2023

Tracy Stephens


I learned about the Druids when my husband, Grand Historian Jim Stephens, took me to a Grove meeting in Point Arena, where the Arena Stella Circle #112 was meeting at the same time in a different room. He brought me an application that was all filled out and made me sign it. I say made me because I used to do elder care and I had a client I’d been with since she was 80. She died at 92, just a few years ago. I told him I was not interested in being a Druid until my last lady died. Obviously, this application was taken way before I was ready! But…I really liked everyone I met up in Point Arena. They were helpful, courteous, and eager to do things to help in their communities. Then I went to a Scholarship meeting a few years ago. I enjoyed the process so much I have been on the scholarship committee since then!

I have chosen the Unicorn as my emblem because unicorns possess many of the traits that Druids possess, they are friendly, helpful, pure of heart, and of course, magical. I believe every person has the ability to be all of these things, and I believe that as a Druid it is our duty, AND our privilege, to strive for being the best we can be.

The charity I have chosen for this year is called The Living Room. They provide many services to women and their children who need a safe place to stay, after leaving an abusive relationship but also many that are at risk women in our community. Outreach is one focus point for The Living Room. Housing and healthy meals are also focus points, along with life skills education. I have a very good friend who used this resource when leaving a partner that physically abused not only her, but their six children. I cannot say enough good about The Living Room!

So, for a quick recap, my emblem is a unicorn. My charity is The Living Room. I know this will be a great year! I look forward to working with NGA Bill Beretta, GCK John Rainwater and you all and I know that whenever you can, you will choose to “Always be a Unicorn.”

In Unity, Peace and Concord,
Tracy Stephens
Grand Arch Druidess


P. S. I am pleased to announce our slate of Grand Officers for the 2022-2023 year.

Jr. Past Grand Arch Druidess - Johnnie Smithson - Mt. Diablo Circle #170
Grand Arch Druidess - Tracy Stephens - Arena Stella Circle #112
Grand First Bard - Angel Masri - Mt. Diablo Circle #170
Grand Second Bard - Jerry Serrano Wilson - Santa Rosa Circle #66
Grand Secretary - PGAD Linda Andersen - Arena Stella Circle #112
Grand Treasurer - PGAD Ellen Glass - Arena Stella Circle #112
Grand Conductress - Amanda Andersen - Arena Stella Circle #112
Grand Guardian - PGAD Barbara Van Slyke - Mt. Diablo Circle #170
Grand Chaplain - Wanda Petersen - Arena Stella Circle #112