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The United Ancient Order of Druids of California are a fraternal benefit organization. It has its origins in England, but is not associated with the sacrificial Druids of Stonehenge. The Order is based on the ancient Druids beliefs of benevolence and education and was founded on sound morality.

It is a "secret" ritualistic Order only in the manner in which the meetings are conducted. It asks no promises of you that conflict with any religious system or the laws of any civilized country.

California Druids are comprised of three organizations: Groves, Circles, and Chapters. The Groves are the original mens group, The Circles are the ladies auxiliary group, and the Chapter is a group where both men and women Druids meet together.

Our mission is to promote knowledge, unity and peace.

Currently there are 14 Groves (local lodges) in the Grand Grove of California. The farthest south is Bakersfield and the farthest north is Point Arena. We normally meet one or two times per month to take care of business obligations and put on dinners or fundraisers.

Statewide, the Druids sponsor a scholarship program giving out 20 Scholarships a year. Local community involvement varies depending on local Grove abilities and community needs.

Three Leaders of the Druid Order

The Three Leaders of the California Druid Order
Term 2022-2023